What We Do.

 I specialize in FUNKO Pop Vinyl customs. I also do  SPORTS, STAR WARS and any other type of figure you can imagine. I also can design your custom figure or collectible from the ground up from concept to production.  Take a look at what we do and some of you past and current clients. We have also added  3d printing capability as well as custom laser engraving, etching and cutting. These additions  allow us to offer many new options and add  to our existing work.  


We By far the most popular item we custom make is the   custom Funko Pop figures. This can be made to match anything from your childs superhero drawing to you, a friend, family member or character you name it, send pics and we can recreate it!


We are finding this i a very popular option to the standard wedding cake toppers etc.

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Notable Clients:  

Peyton Reed, Director Ant-Man, Ant-Man and The Wasp. The Today Show, Atlantic Records, Radio Flyer, John Mayer, Martin Cropping, Jessica Rose-Clark, Tiera Skovbye "Polly Cooper, Riverdale" Lauren Ash "Dina NBC's Superstore" Joe Bonsall Oak Ridge Boys, Leonard Maltin, Mike Flanigan Director "Doctor Sleep" and Netfix's "Haunting of Hill House.
Other custom


We are able to do other custom figures as well. These range from realistic style custom sports figures to Star Wars customs and much more. Basically if you have a figure that you want customized in any way or maybe even repaired or renewed we can do that for you.  Contact to start your project now.



Pricing varys based on pose type and figure size

3d Printing and Custom Laser Engraving, Etching and Cutting


We now offer a variety of additional services including 3d printing and laser engraving. We utilize the best equipment from the leaders in each field. For 3d Printing we use the Form 2 SLA printer and that affords us a variety of resin choices for your print needs. 

In Laser engraving Epilog Laser is the standard by which all others are measured. We can creat a varity of laser engraved items with me coming online soon. If you have something that needs done take a look under our laser engraving tag above or contact us.


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